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Our ethics and professionalism express the commitment of BTEto ensure unparalleled Client satisfaction.

Our quality charter is endorsed by the following practices and commitments:

  • Ensure better quality of reception: in BTE all our agents will listen to your needs and we guarantee absolute versatility of our staff.
  • Delivering on promises of guarantee and schedule: BTE allows you to benefit from a fast and responsiveness of the service.
  • Attest a diversified and broad financial offer while developing a range of flexible and scalable credits.
  • Putting Client confidence vis-à-vis the bank and personal while giving paramount importance to Clients by being attentive is to say, pay particular attention to suggestions made by him (a form satisfaction), be empathetic and able to solve any kind of conflict faced.
  • Being continuous quest to improve the quality of information reliability, clarity, relevance and transparency: BTE notify you in case of problems, keeping you informed of the status of your account and gives you individual advice.
  • Ensure proximity and ubiquity: anywhere BTE accompanies and follows you in a sustainable manner this with the development of its network agencies.
  • Diversify and personalize services to offer by adapting the "one to one" strategy: tailor-made strategy for the client.
  • Ensuring the confidentiality of your transactions: BTE will not disclose any information about its Clients.
  • Promise the Client satisfaction: The BTE BTE is committed to providing solutions products / services that meet the needs and expectations of the Client regardless of its requirements.
  • Provide economic and effective solutions and ensure the independence of the Client: The BTE provides you with access to banking services via Internet (BTE Net) and offers a multitude of operations to DAB's (withdrawal, consulting, ...) as well the SMS Pro and Private Service


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