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Share savings accounts is a securities account that allows you to invest up to 20,000 dinars a year in tax deduction, with the possibility of making up to 7,000 dinars of tax savings per year.

Aimed to any natural person employed or professional, including that exercising under the flat tax system.

Employee / Liberal Profession
  • Increase in net salary (the first year) following the decrease in personal income tax.
  • Creation of savings by a personal credit repayable by the tax gain.
  • Efficient tool that allows to optimize its taxation (possibility of achieving a tax saving of 40%, up to 7,000 TD per year).
  • Means of fructifying a part of his savings on the stock market.
Company manager
  • Reinforcement of employees' sense of belonging to the company.
  • Motivation of the employees since the monthly income increases following the fiscal gain


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