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You want to access property and this is your first home to acquire. BTE offers the "first housing loan" formula for the purchase of a property type S + 2 at least. It could be :


  • Either housing, designed for housing mainly, whether built, under construction or planned for construction to be purchased from a private or public real estate developer approved by the Ministry of Housing ;

  • Either a housing built, ready to be immediately inhabited, to acquire from an individual


This credit first housing is intended for families (Spouses with or without children, widows with dependent children, divorced with dependent children) whose gross monthly income is between 4.5 and 10 times the SMIG.


One of the two spouses benefiting from the first housing program must be an employee.


The granting of a first self-financing loan of 20% of the purchase price of the dwelling (which must not exceed 200.000 DT) with a maximum of 40.000 DT.


This credit is granted at a symbolic interest rate, repayable over 12 years with a grace period of 5 years in principal and interest.


The granting of a mortgage, that is to say the remainder (80% maximum) of up to 160,000 DT refundable for a period of up to 20 years.




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